Pen Pal Program

The Discover Dairy Student Pen Pal Program is a free initiative to connect urban and regional classrooms. We’re now taking 2017 registrations so sign up your class today!

Registrations are now closed for the 2016 Discover Dairy Student Pen Pal Program. 

Following a tremendously successful first year of the Discover Dairy Student Pen Pal Program, we’re thrilled to announce registrations are now open for 2017! 

If you enjoyed participating in 2016 and want to be part of the fun again – or if you want to get on board for next year – be sure to register your 2017 classroom today.

Participation in the Discover Dairy Student Pen Pal Program is easy. If you are from an urban or regional primary school classroom in Australia, simply register your interest via the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll set you up with a ‘sister class’ in Australia!


Just scroll down to fill in the form

We’ll be in touch at the start of Term One 2017 with the details of your ‘sister class’ along with your Pen Pal Program starter pack filled with everything you need to know to get your class started. It also includes some special treats for your students, which will make putting pen to paper even more fun. 


The Discover Dairy Student Pen Pal Program is an initiative of Dairy Australia that connects classrooms from different parts of country and invites students to think beyond their learning and talk about them with others.

Using the Discover Dairy resources, the Student Pen Pal program encourages students to go on a dairy discovery beyond the traditional classroom walls, connecting rural and urban schools together to learn first-hand how life can differ between regions, suburbs and states, while developing their writing skills, reflecting on school life and what they’ve learnt from the Discover Dairy program.


After you sign up your class, you will receive the details of your ‘sister class’ along with a Pen Pal Program starter pack. From there, it’s over to your students to start learning, sharing and forging new friendships!

Designed to work as an in-class activity or a homework task, the Pen Pal Program encourages students to write handwritten letters to other students in their sister classroom.

Using the suggested schedule of conversation topics and tips for keeping in regular contact with your sister class, students will write and post letters back and forth between their sister school classmates.

Students will have the opportunity to discuss everything from where their food comes from, to activities they do to stay healthy, to what they do at school and after school for fun.

All conversation topics will align with the Discover Dairy learning modules of Unbeatable Bones, Fuel for Life and Farm to Plate.


Check out our handy Q&A document with Frequently Asked Questions, here

You can also get in touch with us directly via


The Discover Dairy Student Pen Pal Program is proudly supported by BIC Australia. BIC believes bright futures are written by hand and is committed to ensuring handwriting’s place in the future of every Australian child. 


Participation is easy and free. Register your interest via the form below and we’ll be in contact with you in Term 1 2017, to partner you up with your sister class.