You are never too young to act when it comes to protecting your bones.

Thank you to all of the schools who participated in the inaugural Discover Dairy Healthy Games as part of Healthy Bones Action Week 2016. We hope you and your students had fun learning the winning formula for building healthy, strong bones for life! 

Congratulations again to the students at South Australia’s Angaston Primary School who achieved Legendairy status, taking out the national title and Gold medal in Dairy Australia’s inaugural Discover Dairy Healthy Games. If you would like to download our new Healthy Games Resource Kit for your classroom, please click the links below.

Discover Dairy Healthy Games Program - Foundation to Year 2

Discover Dairy Healthy Games Program - Year 3 to Year 4

Discover Dairy Healthy Games Program - Year 5 to Year 6


Healthy Bones Action Week (formerly Nationally Healthy Bones Week) has been encouraging people of all ages to protect their bones since its inception in 1994. Osteoporosis is one of the least-discussed, under-diagnosed and under-treated diseases in Australia, yet poor bone health affects 2 in 3 Australians over 50 years, including a growing number of men.You are never too young – or old – to act when it comes to protecting your bones. For information about your age group visit our
Why Strong Bones section.

Healthy Bones Action Week calls on Australians of all ages to take the three actions to build and maintain healthy bones:

  1. Increase daily serves of calcium through milk, cheese or yoghurt; 
  2. Go for a walk or committing to some new form of regular exercise; and
  3. Spend time outdoors to get more vitamin D.
Every year we provide families, schools, community groups and other organisations with ideas and resources to get involved in Healthy Bones Action Week, and help us spread the word on the key actions needed for building and maintaining healthy bones.

Save the date in 2017!

Healthy Bones Action Week will take place on 7-13 August.