Picasso Cows Programs

Picasso Cows

Picasso Cows and Picasso Cows Makeover programs are FREE curriculum programs run by Dairy Australia, which encourages teachers to educate primary school-aged children about the Australian dairy industry and the health and nutrition benefits of dairy foods as part of a balanced diet.

School children with painted fibre-glass cow

The Picasso Cows programs are on a break in 2017 as we make some exciting upgrades!


Schools involved in the Picasso Cows program are provided with a blank, life size fibre glass cow to design and paint in one of three allocated dairy related themes – Unbeatable Bones, Fuel for Life or Farm to Plate. As part of the program schools must also complete a class learning journal that documents their program learnings from start to finish. A winning school is then selected from each participating region and awarded a cash prize.

The program has been written in accordance with the Australian curriculum and is supported by a selection of resources for teachers in the form of hard copy materials and online resources from Dairy Australia’s Discover Dairy website. The program is highly interactive and motivational and caters for many different learning styles. It also delivers strong knowledge increases amongst students in relation to the health benefits of dairy foods and the importance of the Australian dairy industry.


Dairy Australia’s Picasso Cows Makeover program is an extension of the original program, and is designed to re-engage schools previously involved in Picasso Cows. A new group of students are given the task of freshening up their prized Picasso Cow with a new look, all while learning about the Australian dairy industry. Participating schools go head-to-head as they compete to win cash prizes and the coveted National Makeover Champion title. A competition runs at state and national level, with a chance to win cash prizes.


The Picasso Cows and Picasso Cows Make-Over programs have the following links to the Australian Curriculum:


Strand: Design and technologies knowledge and understandings

Year 3 and 4: Investigate food and fibre production and food technologies used in modern and traditional societies (ACTDEK012)

Year 5 and 6: Investigate how and why food and fibre are produced in managed environments (ACTDEK021)

Health & PE

Strand: Personal, social and community health

Year 3 and 4: Identify and practise strategies to promote health, safety and wellbeing (ACPPS036)

Year 5 and 6: Investigate the role of preventive health in promoting and maintaining health, safety and wellbeing for individuals and their communities (ACPPS058)

The Arts

Strand: Visual Arts

Year 3 and 4: Use materials, techniques and processes to explore visual conventions when making artworks (ACAVAM111)

Year 5 and 6: Develop and apply techniques and processes when making their artworks (ACAVAM115)


Register your school's interest in the programs by completing the Expression of Interest form at the top of the page. For more information about the programs, please email the Discover Dairy Team at schools@discoverdairy.com.au