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Have you ever wondered where dairy foods come from or how they are made? Discover loads of fascinating facts about the Australian dairy industry and the journey milk travels from farm to plate. You will even learn how to make your own delicious dairy foods!

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For hundreds of years cows were milked by hand. Nowadays, milk is collected from the cow’s udder by a milking machine with suction cups. From here, the milk travels through a series of stainless steel pipes to a large refrigerated vat where it is stored and cooled.

The milk is collected by a tanker and transported to the factory where it undergoes a number of processes before it can be put into cartons or plastic bottles or used to make other dairy foods such as cream, butter, yogurt, ice cream and cheese.

These dairy foods are then transported from the factory to the supermarkets, shops and canteens where you can buy them.

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